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Our clients always have questions they need answering and we always want to be of help. To assist we have put together some of the most frequently asked questions and their answers for you to have a quick insight into the benefits our buildings and services offer:

What is a steel building and what are the advantages?
A steel portal framed building is very strong and as long lasting as a permanent traditional built building but a lot less cost. It is a British product that gives you a rapid solution, with the flexibility of a temporary building but capable of doing the length of service of a permanent building.
Why would I choose Clear Span Buildings over others in the marketplace?
Quite simply, we care a whole lot more about high quality service than anyone else does. This means that from start to finish our focus is on you, and your project.
Do I have to buy my building outright?
No, we are unique in that we offer you the opportunity to hire our buildings for a set period of time that is extendable if required beyond the agreed period. No big outlay! Of course you can also buy outright if you wish, or we can offer lease purchase, and in the case of a sports building for a school we can offer an operating lease. All these ways give you the flexibility to plan how you want to pay to suit your business or organisational needs.
How quick can I have my building installed?
Our lead time is usually about 6 weeks following receipt of order. Our highly professional and qualified install teams are always very helpful onsite.
Do I need planning permission?
Yes, almost any building installed for longer than 28 days requires planning consent. We offer a full planning service using our well respected partners who are expert in gaining planning permission as soon as possible and have a 100% positive track record.
What if I need an unusual size or design?
No problem at all because the factory will manufacture your building to suit your exact requirements and needs. For example if you need a mezzanine floor installing or if you want an L shaped structure then look no further as we welcome all styles and designs from agricultural sheds to garages and fully designed workshops, car showrooms or fully equipped sports buildings – we can satisfy all of these requirements.
Is there any limit to the size of the building I need?
No in principal, in terms of the length of the building you can go to almost any length you want. The width we go to is up to 20m which tends to satisfy most requirement. Above all, our building are fully calculated by a team of qualified structural engineers which means they will withstand all manner of weather, and will be fully accepted by your insurance company as being safe to use for the purpose.
Do I need any ground preparation to be done?
Our buildings can be bolted to an existing concrete yard, or steel staked to a tarmac site following ground investigations. We offer the kind of flexibility in terms of ground fixings that will save you money but give you a quick efficient building solution.
Can I heat my building?
Yes certainly. We offer you a variety of cladding grades that can ultimately satisfy building regulations Part L associated with the U Values of the walls and roofs we install. In brief this means the building can be made to be very efficient in retaining heat, and minimising heat loss.
Do you offer buildings in different colours?
We offer the cladding in an amazing assortment of colours and grades. From red to blue to green to black! Whatever you require to make the appearance look right for you we can source it. We even offer timber cladding to transform the steel building format into something that can suddenly take on a less industrial transformation.
Is my building guaranteed?
All our buildings are guaranteed for a minimum of 25 years in relation to the frame. The other major parts such as walls, roofs, doors and nay other add ons also carry long warranty protection to give you piece of mind that should there be any issues we attend quickly under warranty items to put things right.
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